Julia Ivanova DVM MRCVS MSc

Meet Julia Ivanova!

What is your job title in Cara Vets?

Veterinary Surgeon

What made you want to be part of the veterinary world?

I always loved animals. We had pets at home: cats, dogs, birds, other furry creatures. Whenever our pets fell sick, I had this urge to try and make them better. Thus, when the time came to choose a profession, the choice was easy and obvious – I knew I’d be a vet.

When did you join Cara Vets?

I joined Cara Vets in August 2015.

What do you do?

Medical and surgical treatment of in-patients and out-patients. Preventative care for healthy pets. Emergency vet during out of hours, when on duty.

What do you love about your job?

I love seeing my patients as they all have amazingly different personalities. As a part of the great team, I can help so many of them during their tough days of sickness. Many pet owners truly appreciate our efforts. That makes our job even more rewarding.

Who is one of your most memorable patients and why?

I adore many of the pets that we are lucky to meet in the hospital.

A 13 year old black cat Mishi is one of our amazing patients. Her family goes beyond all expectations in keeping Mishi in good health for as long as possible.

Mishi needs daily oral medications for life and she is not always cooperative with her medications. She also occasionally gets into trouble, that nearly cost her life, but with the efforts of her loving owners and support of Cara Vets team she always gets through bad times and comes back for her next check up in good form.

Your pet's name and breed?

We have a Domestic Short Hair cat called Masha.

What made you pick them, or maybe why did they pick you?

Masha was born in Newbridge Vet Clinic in June 2010. Masha’s mam was a farm cat. They already had plenty of cats on the farm so Masha was not welcome back with her mam. Newbridge Vet Clinic team was desperately looking for a new home for Masha. We were thinking to adopt a cat at a time so Masha came to live with us since she was 6 weeks old. She’s been a part of our family for 6 years.

MashaWhat does your pet enjoy doing and where?

Masha likes to snooze in the garden in summer. In winter you will find her sleeping in one of the bedrooms likely on top of one of the humans.

Any funny quirks / lazy / energetic things they do?

Since we got Masha, there are no mice in the house. Masha feels we get very bored without an opportunity to chase mice so occasionally she brings us a live present. We are allowed to watch the mouse from a distance. She will make a distinctive growl if one tries to get a hold of her mouse.

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