James Ward, MVB MRCVS

Meet James Ward!

What is your job title in Cara Vets?

I am a Veterinary Surgeon here in Cara Vets.

What made you want to be part of the veterinary world?

I grew up with animals. My parents had rottweilers and horses so I've always loved animals. I was particularly good at science and at the grand age of 14 decided to shadow my local Vet. I've been hooked since. 

When did you join Cara Vets?

July 2018

What do you do?

I enjoy Ultrasound Scanning and in particular Cardiology. I also have a keen interest in Endocrinology and Surgery. 

Any qualifications / achievements?

  • BVMS - Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine + Surgery
  • PgCertSAM - Postgraduate Certificate in Small Animal Medicine
  • GPCert SAP - General Practitioner Certificate in SA Practice
  • Was a member of the RCVS Advanced Practitioner List

What do you love about your job?

I enjoy meeting people and their animals and especially in seeing the satisfaction and gratitude in their faces when my treatment returns their pet to their usual self after they have been unwell. 

Who is one of your most memorable patients and why?

A labrador called Chloe who, despite being diagnosed with heart failure in 2015 and then developed aggressive cancer in 2016, defied all odds to not only survive the 3 months estimated by all the literature, but another 15 months after that too. What a fighter! 

Your pets' names and breeds?

Poirot, a 7 year old Border Terrier.

How did you meet your pets?

I got him from a Breeder in Wiltshire who happened to be a friend of mine. She knew I wanted a Border so it just seemed like fate that as I arrived in Wiltshire to start a new job, she had a puppy waiting for me. 

What made you pick them, or maybe why did they pick you?

I wanted a small dog with a big dog personality that I'd be able to take running. He was so cute and wiry that I instantly fell in love with him. 

When did your pet come to live with you?

I've had him since he was 8 weeks old. 

What does your pet enjoy doing and where?

Going for walks in the Phoenix Park, exploring the Wicklows and, of course, chasing squirrels! He's still not worked out how to catch one though! 

Any funny quirks / lazy / energetic things they do?

If he's bored, he'll throw his Kong toy to himself. I've got a great photo of him mid-air in a seated position with mouth open and bone flying just above him!