Giant Dogs

Budget monthly and save money with our Pet Healthcare Plan for Giant Dogs (40kg+ as an adult).

Only €35 per month!

Attention Puppy Owners

  • New benefit: Your friends in Cara Vets have recently expanded the benefits of our Pet Healthcare Plan (PHP) to apply to Puppies too. The PHP used to be exclusively for adult dogs, however, in order to support responsible pet ownership, we now provide Puppy Owners with the ability to join our PHP. When you sign your Puppy up to the PHP, you save the most amount of money possible.
  • Save even more money when your Puppy becomes a PHP member: Usually a Puppy's 1st and 2nd vaccinations cost €50 each. This amounts to a total of €100 to get a Puppy fully vaccinated. However, by joining the Pet Healthcare Plan (PHP), both of your Puppy's 1st and 2nd vaccinations (and much more) are included.
  • Easy to join: At the time of vaccination, (instead of paying €100) simply pay your 1st PHP payment of *€35 upfront, sign up to our Direct Debit and you can avail of all the benefits of the PHP listed below straight away on the day.

*The type of PHP you sign up to depends on the predicted adult weight of your dog.

Pet Healthcare Plan for Giant Dogs

GIANT DOG (Over 40kg as an adult)      PAY AS YOU GO         PET HEALTHCARE PLAN

Health Check & Annual Booster

*Puppies: 1st & 2nd vaccinations 

€ 46.00

*Puppies €100 (@ €50 per vacc)


*Puppies: both vaccinations included

Kennel Cough € 42.00 Included
Six month Health Check  € 46.00 Included
A year’s supply of Flea Control - Stronghold €309.88 Included
A year’s supply of Worming Control – Milbemax €70.22 Included
Nail Clip / Anal Gland check € 18.00 Included
Annual Blood Profile €85.00 Included


€617.10 €420.00

SAVE up to €197.10, and spread your yearly cost into affordable Direct Debit payments of €35 per month.

*Plus 10% discount on:*

  • Consults
  • Neutering
  • Dentals
  • Inhouse Bloods

Also includes FREE Microchip!

Please note: 

•    1st payment to be paid upfront to us in the Clinic / Hospital; 
•    All payments thereafter will be made via monthly direct debit from your current account, the first of which will also include an admin fee of €5.
•    Direct debits come out of your account on the 2nd (if signing up between the 2nd-15th) or the 16th (if signing up between the 1st-16th).

How to Join

  • You can sign up in the Clinic / Hospital at the time of vaccination. 
  • Please bring your IBAN and BIC codes with you and pay the 1st payment of €35 upfront and you can avail of the benefits straight away. 
  • Simply contact us or enquire at Reception.