Silver Tails - FREE Health Check for Senior Pets

The years fly by, and it’s easy to forget that our furry friends aren’t the lively youngsters they once were.

As part of our commitment to supporting responsible pet ownership, all of our existing clients' pets over the age of 10 are entitled to a FREE Senior Pet Health Check (also fondly known as a Free 'Silver Tails Health Check') each year.

Simply pay us a visit and get your senior dogs checked or your senior cat checked for free. Please note this offer is exclusively for existing clients. 

Older pets can age up to seven times faster than you do; they have special health needs and may require more attention and care than younger pets. As your pet ages, changes occur in their physical condition that warrant more frequent visits to the vet. 

If medical problems are recognised and treated when they are first detected, such as diabetes or arthritis, the treatment may be easier for your pet and less costly for you. In an effort to be proactive about this issue, we are offering our clients this complimentary service.

These health checks are valued at over €100.

Silver Tails Checklist:

Read through our Checklist below and, if you answer yes to 3 or more, we recommend that you bring your pet in for a Silver Tails Health Check:


  • Has your pet been less affectionate lately i.e. not as happy to be stroked or groomed?
  • Have they been having out-of-character reactions to sights or sounds? 
  • Have you noticed changes in their mood i.e. are they more anxious or disorientated?


  • Have your pets become less mobile? Does it take them longer to get up in the morning time? Are they more hesitant to jump in and out of the car? 
  • Dogs only: when out on walks, does your dog sometimes pull behind?
  • Does your pet ever seem weak or lethargic? 


  • How is your pet's appetite? Any changes? Are they less happy with their food?
  • Are they drinking more water than what they normally drink?
  • Have the gained or lost weight over the past few months?


  • Has your pet started to have some 'accidents' around the house? 
  • Is your pet passing inconsistent volumes of urine and faeces?
  • Have you noticed that your pet has bad breath or that their mouths smell? 

If you answered yes to three or more of the questions above, please book your pet in for a Silver Tails Health Check. A dog and cat's older years can be some of the most fulfilling, and with a little TLC we can work towards keeping your pets as happy and healthy as possible.

What does this include?

  • A free health check with a Vet, including examination of ears, nails and teeth;
  • A free blood pressure check - most arrhythmias can be detected on a physical exam;
  • A free urine sample test;
  • As part of the Silver Tails Club, you are entitled to a 50% discount on a General Health Blood Profile. This enables us to gather a wealth of information concerning the wellbeing of your pet and helps us to evaluate various functions and health of the likes of the liver and kidneys;
  • Furthermore a 20% discount will be given to clients who book procedures including Dentals and Fine Needle Aspirates of lumps (FNA'S) as a direct result from the Silver Tails Check ONLY.

Where and When?

  • Where: Cara Veterinary Hospital
  • When: Each pet (existing clients only) over the age of 10 is entitled to one free 'Silver Tails Check' every year

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