"I Promise to Love my Cat" Contract

Cara Vet Group know children and their cats have a very special bond. It is very important to be responsible for your furry friend because like you, they need to be minded properly.

Please feel free to print the contract below and sign it to help you remember how to care for your furry friend properly.

  • I promise to give my cat food and water every day. 
  • I promise to keep my cat sheltered from hot, cold, and wet weather.
  • I promise keep my cat clean, brushed and lookin' good!
  • I promise to play with my cat.
  • I promise to make sure my cat sees a vet for vaccinations and check-ups.
  • I promise to provide a collar and ID tag for my cat to wear at all times.
  • I promise to protect my cat from people or things that might hurt him/her.