Weight loss tips for pets

Here are some of our weight loss tips for pets.

If your pet has to go on a diet, you must consider its overall lifestyle. The two most important factors to balance are food and exercise – input and output. An overweight pet usually has more input than output, so the commitment for your pet to lose weight must come from you and all the family – as you control your pet’s eating habits and exercise.

  1. Review your pet’s lifestyle, eating habits and exercise routine.
  2. Listen to your vet. Obesity can result in sickness such as diabetes, but it can be just as dangerous to suddenly change your pet’s daily routine. We will discuss a programme or change with you, gradually altering your pet’s nutritional requirements according to level of activity.
  3. Stop snacks and treats. These are the number one cause of obesity in pets. A complete, balanced pet food will provide your pet with adequate nutrition and eating enjoyment. Often we feed our pets snacks because it gives us pleasure. Your pet will only beg for snacks if you have trained it to do so – and it does it to please you! Commercial treats are usually high in fat. Try raw carrots instead and aim to use treats for training purposes or rewards (if you do this, then remember to give your pet less food at meal times).
  4. Exercise your pet more. Take your pet for lots of nice long walks. They don’t have to be fast walks - you can take it easy. Provided your pet is physically able, exercise is essential to make them happy. You never know, it might make you feel better too! 
  5. Review again. Keep reviewing how you and your pet are doing – and don’t slip back into bad habits! Come and visit us and see your pet's weight chart - a useful indicator of how they are progressing.  
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  7. If your pet is a cat, take a look at this activity tips to help them lose weight. 

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