Weight loss activities for cats

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  • Red pens and feather sticks. Cat owners don't have the luxury of walking their cats on a leash. While the rare, well-trained feline may take to the outdoors for a walk with its owner, odds are, a cat would much rather chase a red dot indoors from a red flash pen. Long, dangling feather toys suspended from sticks get cats hopping as well. Play with your cat ten minutes a day, twice a day.
  • Hide a favourite toy / Toss a favorite toy. Keep kitty guessing by hiding a favourite toy around the house. She or he will keep hunting until the prize is found. On alternate days, toss his or her favourite toy across the floor and enjoy watching a 20-yard dash.
  • Hide the food bowl. Make your feline friend search for food. Place the bowl in a different place in the house three times a week.