Cat Boarding

A 5-Star Experience for you and your cat!

We know it's an anxious moment when you drop off your beloved friend for a stay away from home. That's why Cara Veterinary Group offer a guilt-free option with peace of mind to cat owners who need temporary lodging or day care for their cat.

We are committed to providing a safe, clean, caring environment for your cat, along with liberal amounts of pampering and fun! Now when you're away, you can thoroughly enjoy yourself without worry, knowing your precious pet is having a great time too.

Feline Luxury

Working with feline experts, Cara Vet Group devised the ideal environment for our feline guests. Our intimate "Kitty Condos" provide separate areas for different activities and plenty of privacy.

Each cat boarding condo offers a safe, serene and sanitary environment with a goal to have satisfied clients.  

The dividing wall between each condo can be lifted, to offer your cat additional room. Clients find this quite convenient if they are away for more than a few days, as this gives the cat more space to roam around. Of course, Cara Vet’s cat care experts know just how to give kitty cuddles!

What’s included with Cat Boarding:

  • Cat Nip Toy
  • Premium vet bed
  • Frequent litter changes on a daily basis

Special Features

  • Alterations in the cat's environment such as visits to the vet, moving house, new arrivals, or nervous cats may manifest themselves as a change in behaviour such as urine marking, scratching, loss of appetite and refusal to play and interact. To help counteract this, we use Feliway diffusers to make your cat feel more relaxed in its new environment and to restore a feeling of calm in the cat. Visit to learn more about the “happy cat pheromone”.

  • If your cat is on a particular diet and you would like to bring your cat’s food or medication from home, just let us know and we can certainly accommodate you.  

  • All cats must be treated with an anti flea and deworming treatment like Broadline (must be purchased from a vet practice) before they come to board

Book Cat Boarding

  • Please note cat boarding is not available to book online. If you wish to book your cat's boarding, please call the practice directly on 01 885 3253 or get in touch via our contact page so that we can give you all the necessary information.