My Life of Love

Rainbow Bridge Poems, Prayers & Storiesby Rita Bergin


I arrived here thin and small,

A flighty little grey ball,

Of softest fur,

And loudest purr,

I answered to 'Smokey' at every call.


I spent my life without any strife,

Entertaining big and small,

Haughty, naughty, walking tall,

With bouncing energy I cleared that wall.


The trees I climbed for better views,

When I got caught, you heard my mews.

You always laughed at my pranks,

For your love, I now say thanks.


I lived five star and raised the bar

For the local cats who lived on rats.

You groomed my fur, my head you pat,

I looked the best, but YOU knew that.


Here was my home for 16 years,

Following you as you did your chores,

In the garden, up the stairs,

Watching TV and lighting fires.


I did it all with love in my heart,

Never thinking we would part,

Towards the end my energy seeped,

Thank the kind Vet who put me to sleep.


In spirit I'm still here,

Flitting about without any fear

I know you've shed many a tear

But YOUR love in MY heart is ALWAYS here.

In memory of Smokey, 16 years old. Rest in Peace in Rainbow Bridge x