Dental Care

Dental care for your dog: 

  • Our pets usually start life with a healthy mouth. However, without continuous home dental care, problems can easily result.
  • Accumulations of tartar on the teeth lead to reddened gums, bad breath, infection, dental pain and eventual tooth loss.
  • As well as this, bacteria can enter the bloodstream through the blood vessels located near the gums and teeth. Studies have shown that certain heart, liver and kidney diseases may be associated with these bacteria.
  • Unlike humans, even when your pet's gums are infected, (we all know how painful toothache can be!) They still continue to eat. It is therefore important that your pet's teeth are regularly checked.
  • There are easy ways to prevent any of the above problems, by regular check ups, by feeding a dry food diet preferably, and with a good cleaning regime. It is important to develop a dental care regime at an early age to get your puppy used to it. Ask your pet vet for advice on doggie toothpastes and dog dental products available.

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