Dove of Peace


  • Stiff paper (1 piece)
  • Normal paper (1 piece)
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • String
  • Clear tape
  • Optional: markers, glue, glitter


1. Draw the shape of a bird's body on stiff paper.

Shape of birds body




2. Cut out the bird and cut two slits in the body (along the dotted lines).

3. Cut a piece of paper in half.

Cut paper in half





4. Fold each piece like an accordion.

Fold like accordion

5. Insert the folded paper (wings and tail feathers) into the slits in the bird's body. Secure them to the body with clear tape. Tape the ends of the tail feathers together (making a fan shape).

6. Draw eyes on the dove. Tape some string to the body of the dove (for hanging it up). Optional: decorate the dove with markers or glitter.

Dove of Peace