Vaccine Amnesty for Dogs

If your dog is behind with their jabs, then your friends in Cara Vets have the ideal solution for you...

To help promote responsible pet ownership, Cara Vets have launched a fantastic offer called a Vaccine Amnesty for Dogs, which is designed to help you get your dog back on track with restarting their vaccinations.

Who is eligible?

If you delayed your dog's booster by 6 months, or if you have not vaccinated them within the last 18 months, your dog's entire vaccination program is rendered invalid. To revaccinate them entails restarting their vaccination program with a course of 2 injections, which can be a costly and unnecessary inconvenience for you and your dog.

We understand that sometimes this can happen for a variety of reasons - sometimes it's due to the ill health of the dog, or because owners themselves are unwell. We all lead such busy lives, it's understandable if it gets overlooked. Sometimes family finances can affect affordability. Unfortunately however, the longer we leave it, the more vulnerable to infectious disease they can become.

We are here to help!

What is a Dog Vaccine Amnesty?

Simply pay €63 for the 1st injection and get the 2nd FREE, leaving your dog fully vaccinated with a full new complete course for half the amount it usually costs. Your dog will also be given a FREE health check at the time of the 1st injection.

Offer is only open to dogs who have not been vaccinated within the last 18 months, or who are overdue their booster by 6 months. It doesn’t matter how long ago the vaccinations stopped, as long as it is greater than 18 months.

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