Noisy Dogs

If you are bothered by persistent dog barking, or noisy dogs talk to the owner. Check with others in your area if they are affected and get their support for your complaint.

The Control of Dogs Act 1986 sets out a procedure to follow if you are bothered by persistent dog barking in your area. Go to your local District Court and state that you want to make a complaint. You will be given a date when your complaint will be heard and a copy of Form Number 5.

Write the name and address of the noisy dog's owner, your name, and the date and time when your complaint is to be heard in the District Court on the form. Sign and date it, and give it to the dog's owner 7 days before your complaint is due to be heard. The dog's owner has this time to resolve the problem.

If you go to the District Court and the judge finds that a nuisance has been created by excessive barking he can:

  • Order the owner to exercise "due control" over the dog.
  • Limit the number of dogs the owner can keep for a certain length of time
  • Order the dog to be delivered to a dog warden to be dealt with as if it were an unwanted dog.