Pet Passport

Check out our Top Tips on How to Get a Pet Passport.

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If you need any assistance with your Pet Passport, please contact us and ask for our Practice Manager, Vickie Fenlon. 

Travelling outside the EU? 

If your pet is travelling outside the EU, why not SAVE TIME and avail of our bespoke Pet Travel Advisory & Administration Service (excluding those areas listed above) where we hold your hand throughout the entire process and provide you with valuable advice with regards to meeting all your veterinary requirements.

The key to travelling with your pet is to ensure that all entry conditions are met. With so many variables at stake, our Pet Travel Experts are here to help. 

When you avail of our Pet Travel Advisory & Administration Service, it means you can focus on your holiday or other aspects of your move abroad for greater peace of mind. We take our job very seriously and will do whatever it takes to get your furry family member safely where they need to be!