Small Dogs

Budget monthly and save money with our Pet Healthcare Plan for Small Dogs (up to 10kg as an adult)...

Only €21.50 per month!

Breakdown of your savings when you join our Pet Healthcare Plan for Small Dogs:

SMALL DOG (Up to 10kg as an adult)    PAY AS YOU GO PET CARE PLAN
Health Check & Annual Booster € 46.00 Included
Kennel Cough € 42.00 Included
Six month Health Check  € 46.00 Included
A year’s supply of flea control - Stronghold €115.84 Included
A year’s supply of worming control – Milbemax € 35.10 Included
Nail Clip € 18.00 Included
Annual Blood Profile € 85.00 Included


€387.94 €258.00

SAVE up to €129.94, and spread your yearly cost into affordable Direct Debit payments of €21.50 per month.

*Plus 10% discount on:*

  • Consult fees
  • Neutering
  • Dentals
  • Inhouse Bloods

Also includes FREE Microchip!

Please note: 

•    1st payment to be paid upfront to us in the hospital; 
•    All payments thereafter will be made via monthly direct debit from your current account, the first of which will also include an admin fee of €5.
•    Direct debits come out of your account on the 2nd (if signing up between the 2nd-15th) or the 16th (if signing up between the 1st-16th).

To join, simply contact us or enquire at Reception.