Feliway Plug In

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Feliway Comfort Zone® Plug-In * Effectively ends urine marking and inappropriate scratching
* Room-wide protection helps stop your cat’s stress-induced behaviors
* Feliway also comforts cats in stressful or new environments

Feliway Plug-In provides your cat all-day calming therapy for up to four weeks. It diffuses a natural substance, odourless to humans, that mimics a cat's facial pheromones to calm cats in stressful environments.

You've seen your cat contently rub her face on the furniture, corners of the room, bottom of curtains - and even you. She's marking her surroundings with special facial pheromones. These pheromones reassure her that all is well in her little world.

However, if something stressful disturbs your cat's environment such as a new pet, visitors, moving to a new home, or even rearranging the furniture, she may begin urine marking, scratching, or may even stop eating and interacting.

Used where the cat spends most of her time, Feliway will soon calm and reassure her once again, greatly reducing or completely stopping the stress-related behaviour. Simply add Feliway liquid and plug into electrical outlet.

Feliway is perfect anytime your cat must adjust to a different situation. Odourless and nontoxic to humans; for rooms up to 650 sq ft. Contains one plug-in and one 48 ml bottle of Feliway.

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