Julie Egan Receptionist

Meet Julie Egan!

What is your job title in Cara Vets?

I am the Receptionist here in Cara Vet Group.

What made you want to be part of the veterinary world?

I've always loved animals.

When did you join Cara Vets? 

End of October 2016.

What do you do?

I meet and greet clients and their pets and answer calls.

What do you love about your job?

Working with the team and meeting the clients and their pets.

Who is one of your most memorable patients and why?

Pele Ford! I love both him and his owner, they are both amazing and just so lovely... :-)

Your pets' names and breeds?

  • Tiggy: Cat
  • Bailey: Shih Tzu
  • Ash: Terrier X
  • Mia: Shih Tzu

How did you meet your pets?

  • Tiggy: Went to Offaly to a Rescue to get him. It was love at first sight! <3
  • Bailey: Got him all the way in Bailieborough, Co. Cavan
  • Ash: I'm a failed foster with this lovable boy <3
  • Mia: Travelled to Lurgan

What made you pick them, or maybe why did they pick you?

  • Tiggy: Got him after our other Rescue Cat died, and we fell for him instantly
  • Bailey: He was a cheeky independent dog - loved that!
  • Ash: Tried to catch him for 6 days after being dumped out of a van :-( Eventually got him and fostered him. 7 years later, he's still here and love him to bits. 
  • Mia: Beautiful black cheeky girl - loves to give kisses!

When did your pet come to live with you?

  • Tiggy: 2007
  • Bailey: 2009
  • Ash: 2010
  • Mia: 2014

What does your pet enjoy doing and where?

  • Tiggy: Eating, sleeping and going to meet his girlfriend Seraphina
  • Bailey: Chilling out, walks in the park, the beach and spending time with me
  • Ash: Food, walks, ball, everything except strange men
  • Mia: People - she loves to meet people and kiss them

Any funny quirks / lazy / energetic things they do?

  • Tiggy: Likes to kill the Christmas Tree & Lights
  • Bailey: Sneezes on command :-)
  • Ash: Waits at the door when his Dad is due home
  • Mia: Makes sounds like gremlin - loves bum scratches :-)