Robyn Scannell, RVN, Registered Vet Nurse

Meet Robyn Scannell!

What is your job title in Cara Vets?

 I am a Registered Veterinary Nurse here in Cara Vet Group. 

What made you want to be part of the veterinary world?

Ever since I was a child, I've been in love with animals and always knew I'd want to work with them. I used to read animal encyclopedias for fun and watch Animal Hospital and Animal Planet on TV. 

When did you join Cara Vets?

I started as a student on placement in 2013 and then worked part-time in 2014. In 2016, I became full-time and have loved every minute and learned lots. 

What do you do?

I work with the Vets and other Nurses to help our patients back to health. I'm involved with medicating animals, surgical prep, patient monitoring and running diagnostics. 

Any qualifications / achievements?

I gained a Distinction in the FETAC Animal Care course in Killester and then went on to do Veterinary Nursing in Dundalk I.T. I graduated and became a Registered Vet Nurse in November 2016. 

What do you love about your job?

I love providing patients with care and making their stay with us as comfortable as possible. I love learning from co-workers and bettering myself. I especially love the job satisfaction that comes with watching sick animals recover. 

Who is one of your most memorable patients and why?

A boarder collie called Coco. She was the nicest dog, so sweet and she was the dog in which I placed my first IV Catheter. She went on to make a full recovery. Also, a little kitten called Spagooder!

Your pets' names and breeds?

  • Micha, an 18 year old Siamese Cat
  • Roxy, a Smoothcoat Chihuahua
  • Jasmine, a Rescue Kitten adopted from Cara Vets

How did you meet your pets?

  • Micha was an early Christmas present and the best present I ever got!
  • Roxy came from a Breeder in Wicklow (remember to do extensive research if planning to get a puppy from a Breeder! Make sure they're responsible and reputable!)
  • Jasmine and her brother came to us in Cara Vets at just a few weeks old. When her brother passed away I ended up falling for her and adopted her. 

What made you pick them, or maybe why did they pick you?

  • Santa and my parents chose Micha for my sisters and I. 
  • We fell in love with Roxy when researching our first dog.
  • I brought Jasmine home from the Vets for a weekend and she decided she wasn't going back!

When did your pet come to live with you?

  • Micha: 1998
  • Roxy: November 2010
  • Jasmine: October 2014

What does your pet enjoy doing and where?

  • Micha loves sleeping and cuddling up for rubs whenever and wherever she can.
  • Roxy loves eating and doing tricks for food! She loves sleeping and making blanket caves in my bed. 
  • Jasmine loves climbing trees. 

Any funny quirks / lazy / energetic things they do?

  • Micha generally chills out her golden years, but when she was younger, she was known as 'the kangaroo' because she hopped around on back lets. 
  • Roxy in general is a loon.
  • Jasmine is a menace to birds and hunts them any chance she gets... much to my family's dismay!