Halloween Pet Supplies

Browse through our best selling Halloween pet supplies for dogs and cats. To purchase any of the following, simply contact us with your credit card details; or for pricing and more information, please click on the relevant product below:


dap plug in diffuser pic            DAP Plug in refill       DAP collar Thumbnail0            

DAP Plug-In           DAP Plug-In Refill                DAP Collar      

 KalmAid Liquid           KalmAid Tablets           Fireworks

 KalmAid Liquid        KalmAid Tablets           Fireworks CD


Feliway Comfort Zone® Plug-In              Feliway plugin refill             KalmAid Liquid

Feliway Plug-In      Feliway Plug-In Refill        KalmAid Liquid      

KalmAid Tablets          Fireworks

  KalmAid Tablets          Fireworks CD